Build a wellness policy team that involves a variety of people in policy development, implementation, and assessment. Invite parents, students, school food service, physical education teachers, school health professionals, the school board, school administrators, and other community members to be a part of the process. Even if they don’t join your team, it is important to build awareness and support.

School Wellness Committee Toolkit (2013) (PDF | 7.36 MB)

Alliance for a Healthier Generation.

This guide was created as a resource for school wellness committees to convene, plan, and implement their action plans. The tools and other tips contained in this Toolkit are meant to coordinate with other Healthy Schools Program resources and technical assistance provided by the Alliance for a Healthier Generation, but can be adapted to meet your needs.

Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

To have the most positive impact on the health outcomes of young people, government agencies, community organizations, schools, and other community members must work together through a collaborative and comprehensive approach. The WSCC model provides the framework to a coordinated school health approach.

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