The Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010 (HHFKA) requires all local educational agencies participating in federal Child Nutrition programs to establish and implement, for all schools under its jurisdiction, local school wellness policies that meet minimum standards designed to promote sound nutrition, student health, reduce childhood obesity, and provide transparency to the public on the school nutrition environment.

This Web site is dedicated to helping local educational agencies find the resources they need to meet recommendations in these areas. View the ‘school nutrition environment and wellness resources’ site map here.

School LunchLocal School Wellness Policy Process

Follow these steps to put your local school wellness policy into action to impact students’ health and lifelong choices.


School lunch itemsWellness Policy Elements

Looking for resources to help implement some of the wellness policy elements? You’ll find some right here.


chefs preparing foodSuccess Stories/Best Practices

Looking for samples or more ideas? Check out these examples and stories to boost your wellness efforts.


Graph with coinsGrants / Funding Opportunities

Find information on specific grants related to child nutrition and physical activity as well as resources to locate grants and information on the grant writing process.



Find trainings that will assist you in developing, implementing, and monitoring your school’s wellness policies.