Aleshia Hall-Campbell, PhD, MPH Executive Director

A message from our Executive Director

As ICN continues its 30th anniversary celebration, we have much to look forward to and much to reflect on. Our 30th year brings record number trainings, face-to-face and through our eLearning portal, as well as outreach through ICN’s newest training form—Virtual Instructor Led Trainings (VILTs). Thanks to the amazing work by our research team at our Applied Research Division and our Education and Training Specialists, ICN continues to break new ground and ensure the highest quality in training topics and delivery methods. We have several new and updated courses currently available and coming soon to our eLearning portal, as well as two new VILTs scheduled for later this summer.

Among those mentioned above, this quarter’s newsletter also highlights the successes and accomplishments of recent ICN training participants, as well as our own ICN employees. Be sure to check out the Archives’ featured Manuscript Collection for a historical look at where ICN and child nutrition have been and where we are now. Thank you for your continuous support and use of ICN’s resources and trainings.

Aleshia Hall-Campbell, PhD, MPH
Executive Director