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Practice Safe Hygiene and Cleaning

Help prevent the spread of Coronavirus

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) advises everyone to practice good hygiene to help prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus COVID-19 (up-to-date information from CDC can be found here.)  This includes proper handwashing, not working sick, and properly cleaning and disinfecting.  The Institute of Child Nutrition has created a webpage of best practices and information on these topics.

The Mix Up Podcast – Episode 06 – Michelle Poirier

The Mix Up Podcast

Chef Patrick chats with Michelle Poirier, Supervisor of Central Kitchen Production for the Palm Springs Unified School District. Join them as Michelle discusses how her team has navigated the new school year. She also discusses how her team has been accommodating meal needs for children with disabilities.

Meal Pickup to Now Require Student Identification at Dearborn Public Schools, author Jessica McLean, August 26, 2020

In Dearborn Michigan, starting September 7, parents or guardians picking up meal packs, which consist of a week’s worth of breakfast and lunch items for students, will be required to provide the name, student ID or student number for each child. This is to ensure meals are being distributed to Dearborn Public School Students, as funding has changed and emergency provisions are no longer available for the fall semester. Adults may, however, only have to provide this information once for the year, by registering with the Nutrislice App, where they can also access information about school menus. 

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The USDA Food and Nutrition Service has released two new Team Nutrition resources that address meal service flexibilities during the coronavirus (COVID-19) public health emergency. Regional offices and State agencies are encouraged to share these resources with Child Nutrition Program operators. Both resources are available for download from the Team Nutrition website.

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Fact Sheets

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)


An effective emergency preparedness plan meets specific needs of the food service operation. Prior preparation, employee training, and practicing for real-world scenarios are keys to success. An effective emergency preparedness plan properly prepares the program to ensure the safe production, service, and storage of food.

Steps for Emergency Preparedness

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Steps for Emergency Preparedness

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