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Inclusive Dates: 1977
Bulk Dates: 1977
Provenance: Donated by the Maine Department of Education

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Historical/Biographical Sketch: The Food Buying Guide for Type A School Lunches, published by the USDA in 1977, provides information for planning and calculating quantities of food to be purchased and used by schools serving Type A lunches in the National School Lunch Program. Section 9 of the National School Lunch Act, passed in 1946, addressed the three types of lunches prescribed by the Secretary of Agriculture, Type A, Type B and Type C. The Type A lunch was a well-balanced meal that contained specific servings of the following: meat or a meat alternate, vegetables and fruits, bread, butter or fortified margarine, and whole milk. These lunches were eventually phased out in the 1980s. The Food Buying Guide breaks down planning for Type A lunches into six sections: food as purchased, purchase unit, servings per purchase, serving size or portion, purchase units for 100 servings, and additional yield information. The Guide was donated by the Maine Department of Education.

Scope and Content: The collection consists of one USDA publication, The Food Buying Guide for Type A School Lunches, published in 1977. 92 pp.


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  • Food Buying Guide for Type A School Lunches