A Journey Through the History of the Child Nutrition Programs – 15-minute video gives a nostalgic overview of the Federally funded child nutrition programs from the days before World War II through today’s wellness policy development. The video features photographs and images from resources in ICN’s Child Nutrition Archive collections and USDA resources. Published 2007.

Dr. Josephine Martin Online Exhibition – Dr. Martin reflects on her life and career dedicated to the service of our nation’s children.

The School That Learned to Eat – tells the story of how one school in Georgia organized the human resources of the community to improve the health of its children. Teachers, parents, and administrators came together and accomplished this improvement through nutrition education, diet surveys, workshops, and health screenings. The film is presented by the University of Georgia College of Education and General Mills, Inc., and produced by the Southern Educational Film Production Service, Inc. Athens, Ga. 1948. This film is made available courtesy of the General Mills Archives.

Farmers Bulletin – 712 – School Lunches – Farmer’s Bulletins were small pamphlets published by USDA to aid consumers, and covered a variety of helpful topics. USDA Farmer’s Bulletin 712(March 1916) was created to promote healthy school lunches.

Southeastern School College Campus – Scrapbook compiled by Mrs. Elizabeth Beavers documenting a child nutrition training conducted at Southeastern State College in Durant, Oklahoma, August 3-7, 1952.

The School Lunch Service in New York City – Bulletin No. 3 – 1914 – Pamphlet issued by the Division of Reference and Research, Department of Education, The City of New York, detailing the formation, activities, and future plans of the New York City School Lunch Committee. “Courtesy New York City Municipal Archives.”

School Lunches – New York City Elementary Schools – 1923 – Pamphlet issued in by the Department of Education – The City of New York, Division of Reference and Research, detailing the organization of service, prices, menus, and recipes for elementary school lunches in New York City. “Courtesy New York City Municipal Archives.”

Starkville High School Menus 1967 – 1968 – This exhibition is part of the Mississippi Department of Education Collection and contains the menus served at Starkville High School in Starkville, MS, for the entire 1967-68 school year. To read the menus in detail please click the Full Screen and then Zoom icons at the bottom of the page.

Diet for the School Child – Health Education, No. 2 – Pamphlet issued by the Department of the Interior, Bureau of Education, regarding proper feeding of children for maximum health. Washington, Government Printing Office, 1919.

USDA Recipe Cards 1971 – A collection of USDA recipe cards from 1971.

Fundamentals of Archival Preservation PowerPoint – Powerpoint explaining the fundamentals of archival preservation.