Collection No: .04-M038-078
Volume: .45 cu. ft.
Inclusive Dates: 1940-1998
Bulk Dates:  1942-1983

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Historical /Biographical Sketch: Mary Nix has been involved in the Child Nutrition Program since 1950, when she washed pots and pans in ninth grade to pay for her lunch. She served as a Director of Food Service in Cobb County, Ga., for 20 years, beginning in 1975. Ms. Nix was President of the American School Food Service Association for 1980-81, and she won the prestigious Silver Plate Award in 1980. She co-authored the book I Can Manage with Jay Caton in 1986. The book was a compilation of management training materials used in Cobb County.

Ms. Nix grew up in rural Gordon County, in north Georgia. In ninth grade she washed pots and pans, the next year she served on the serving line, and the last two years of high school she kept the records for the principal to earn her lunch. After high school and business school, Ms. Nix returned to Calhoun. The principal of Calhoun schools asked her to work as School Food Service Supervisor in Gordon County, with the understanding that she would begin work toward a college degree. Because the high school she graduated from was not accredited, Ms. Nix had problems being accepted into college, so Sarah Johnstone from the Georgia State Department of Education helped her enter the Woman’s College at Milledgeville. She worked four years in Gordon County and took classes. When the family moved to Marietta, Ms. Nix was asked to be the School Lunch Program Manager of Sprayberry High School. The principal hired her even though she told him, “I can keep the records. I can buy the food and plan the menus…, but I can’t cook.” With the encouragement of Dr. Josephine Martin in the Georgia State Department of Education, she won a Food Service scholarship to historically black Morris Brown College in Atlanta. She attended college while working in foodservices in a Cobb County Schools. She received her degree in Food Production Management in 1969. That year, she became system supervisor of a 10-school system in Bartow County. From 1970-74, she worked in the Georgia State Department of Education as an area consultant providing technical assistance to districts throughout the state. Ms. Nix became Director of Food Service in Cobb County, Ga., in 1975, and worked for Cobb County 20 years. See also: Mary Nix Oral History Interview

Scope and Content: The collection is divided into several series including photographs; endorsement letters; printed journals; printed materials/publications from the USDA and the Federal Government; and newspaper clippings.

Series 1: Photographs- Folders 1-4 and non-foldered CDs
Series 2: Endorsement letters for nomination for Silver Plate Award- Folder 23
Series 3: Misc. printed Materials/Publications from the USDA- Folders 8, 9 and 10
Series 4: Misc. printed Materials/Publications from the federal government- Folders 6 and 7
Series 5: Misc. printed Materials/Publications from the ASFSA- Folders 5, 11 through 15, 19, 21, non-foldered items: School Lunch Journal, ASFSA 20th Anniversary issue, Sep 1966; School Lunch Journal 25th Anniversary issue, June 1971; and School Food Service Journal, special history issue, April 1991.
Series 6: Misc. printed materials/publications from the IFMA- Folders 20 and 22, non-foldered items: Food Management journal, May 1980; and Food Management journal, Jan 1981.
Series 7: Misc. printed materials/publications from states- Folders 17 and 18.
Series 8: Newspaper clipping- Folder 16
Series 9: photographs on CDs of ASFSA 1981 annual convention – non-foldered


Box 1 of 1: 1940 – 1998

1.1: USDA photographs 1946. 3 8×10 black and white photographs.
1.2: USDA photographs 1947. 4 8×10 black and white photographs.
1.3: Sepia photographs, scenes from early 1900s
1.4: Sepia photograph; Mrs. Frank deGarmo (Mary de Garmo Bryan). Scene from 1908-1915; 1952
1.5: ASFSA 50th Anniversary calendar. Aug 1996 – July 1997
1.6: Work Book for School Lunch Workers. WPA. June 1941
1.7: Menu Planning Guide for School Lunches. War Food Admin. Sept. 1943
1.8: USDA School Lunch publications 1940’s. Sept 1940 – Sep 1949
1.9: USDA School Lunch publications 1950’s. June 1952 – June 1956
1.10: USDA School Lunch publications 1960’s. May 1966 – 6-69
1.11: Eat to Learn, Learn to Eat pocket folder 1980-81. July 1981
1.12: ASFSA History. 1976, 1990
1.13: ASFSA Annual Convention programs. 1953, 1956, 1958, 1960, 1980, 1981, 1984
1.14: ASFSA Annual Industry Seminar programs. 1975, 1976, 1981
1.15: ASFSA Legislative Action Conference. 1980
1.16: Ward Sinclair, “House Panel chews up Idea of School Lunch Cut,” Washington Post. Wednesday, March 11, 1981
1.17: A Manual of Instruction for School Lunch Personnel. Maryland State Dept. of Ed. Nov. 1948
1.18: Georgia School Food Service Association Newsletter. Winter 1971-72
1.19: The 80s. A Decade for Winning. 1980-81
1.20: IFMA World. Dec. 1982 Dec. 1982
1.21: ASFSA 1997-98 Directory of Leaders. Oct 1997
1.22: The International Gold & Silver Plate Society Speaker’s Bureau 1983 directory.
1.23: Endorsement letters for Mary Nix nomination for Golden/Silver Plate Award. Nov 1979 – Jan 1980

Non-foldered items:

  • School Lunch Journal. 20th Anniversary ASFSA issue. Vol. XX No. 8. Sep 1966M
  • School Lunch Journal. Vol. XXV, No. 6. June 1971
  • Food Management. Vol. 15 No. 5. May 1980
  • Food Management. Vol. 16 No. 1. Jan 1981
  • School Food Service Journal Vol. 45 No. 4. April 1991
  • Scanned photographs from Ms. Nix’s personal ASFSA album. 34 photographs plus photo album cover.