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Inclusive Dates: 1950 – 1983
Bulk Dates: 1966 – 1980

Provenance: Donated June 2, 2004 by Donna Rose, Child Nutrition Program Specialist, from the Texas Region VII Education Service Center.

Copyright: This collection may be protected from unauthorized copying by the Copyright Law of the United States (Title 17, United States Code).

Historical/Biographical Sketch: In 1965, the 59th Texas Legislature authorized the State Board of Education to establish media centers throughout the state. Two years later, the State Board of Education divided the state into 20 regions, assigning each media center to begin operations and serve in each region. The 60th Texas Legislature expanded the Regional Service Centers’ services and designated the roles of each service center in coordinating educational planning for the region. In 1984, the Texas House passed Bill 72, which directed the Regional Service Centers to work closer with the Texas Education Agency and school districts to raise the quality of district programs, and enhance uniformity and consistency in district operations.

The Region VII Service Center is in east Texas, along the border of Louisiana and Arkansas. The Center’s Child Nutrition Program Department provides services to school districts in the areas of technical assistance; regional training/workshops for school food service personnel; individual and group training of food service personnel requested by individual districts; assistance for districts with implementation of Nutrition Education Programs and assistance to schools with Nutrition and Special Projects.

Scope and Content: The collection contains materials from Region VII Child Nutrition Program Specialists Pauline Moctiller and Dorothy Hopkins. The materials, dating from 1950 – 1983, include manuals and guidebooks produced by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and printed materials from various food and food service companies and associations. The collection may be divided intellectually into two series:

Series 1: USDA pamphlets and publications
Series 2: Non-USDA publications and printed materials


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1.1: Baking Handbook for the School Food Service ProgramCare that Counts, sixth edition by Gas Consumers Service
1.2: Care that Counts, sixth edition by Gas Consumers Service
1.3: School Lunch Worker Other Than Director or Supervisor by ASFSA, no date
1.4: The School Food Service Director, 1965, published by ASFSA and Association of School Business Officials
1.5: Menu Analysis, School Lunch Workshop – Marshall Independent School Dist., April 12, 1966
1.6: Safety Concerns, reprinted from School Lunch Journal, December 1958
1.7: Modern Sandwich Methods by Consumer Service Department, No date
1.8: Food Buying Guide for Type A School Lunches, published by USDA, 1972
1.9: Food Buying Guide for School Food Service, published by USDA’s Food and Nutrition Service, October 1981
1.10: Free and Reduced Price Meal Handbook, USDA – Food and Nutrition Service, July 1974
1.11: Menu Planning Guide for School Food Service, USDA – Food and Nutrition Service (5 / 80 & 12 / 83)
1.12: Their daily bread: A Study of the National School Lunch Program, published by Committee on School Lunch Participation
1.13: Nutritive Value of Foods, USDA, Published April 1981
1.14: Boning; Cutting; and Cooking Smoked Ham for School Lunch, USDA, September 1952 (2 copies)
1.15: Armour Meats for Quantity Cookery, Buying Guides and Recipes
1.16: Meat Manual: Identification, Buying, Cooking, published by National Live Stock and Meat Board, 4th Edition, 1950
1.17: Cooking Meat in Quantity, published by National Live Stock and Meat Board
1.18: Meat Buyer’s Guide to Standardized Meat Cuts, prepared by National Association of Meat Purveyors, January 30, 1966
1.19: Turkey: Care and Cookery in the Restaurant, prepared by the National Turkey Federation
1.20: Turkey Handbook, printed by National Turkey Federation
1.21: Suggested Basic Course Outline for an Occupational Training Food Service Program, Texas Education Agency, January, 1967
1.22: The “Grazing” of America: A Guide to Healthy Snacking, Department of Health and Human Services – Reprinted from March 1989 FDA Consumer Magazine
1.23: Sources and Functions of the Main Nutrients Group
1.24: Nutrition for the Ageing
1.25: “Millions of Poor Suffer Effects of Malnutrition” originally published on January 13, 1969 by National Observer, reprinted by Texas Education Agency (9 copies)
1.26: “Your Hamburger: 41,000 Regulations” U.S. News and World Report, Feb. 11, 1980, pg. 64
1.27: “Discovering Vegetables: The Nutrition Education Guidebook for School Food Service Managers and Cooperatives” Food and Nutrition Service, USDA, 1976
1.28: The Basic Five, by Texas Department of Health
1.29: Workshop Materials 1957
1.30: Nutritive Value of Foods – USDA Home and Garden Bulletin Number 72, 1980
1.31: McCormick’s Map of the World
1.32: How to Serve Distinctive Fruit Specialties, reprinted from Institutions Magazine, 1959
1.33: Food Buying Guide for TYPE A school lunches, produced by USDA 1977
1.34: Food Buying Guide for TYPE A school lunches, produced by USDA 1975, Handwritten Note “Charlotte S. Wyatt c/o Hawkins School Hawkins, Texas”
1.35: Dairy Plants, Surveyed and Approved for USDA Grading Service, October 1978
1.36: Inspection, Labeling, and Care of Meat and Poultry, a consumer education guide, Agriculture Handbook 416, USDA Consumer Marketing Service
1.37: Food Storage Guide fro Schools and Institutions, USDA, Agricultural Marketing Service, issued November 1959 (2 copies)
1.38: Take A Tip, Texas State Department of Health
1.39: Preventing Food-borne Diseases, Texas State Department of Health – Revised September, 1959
1.40: Preventing Food-Borne Diseases, Texas State Department of Health – Second Revision – September 1966
1.41: The National School Lunch Program – Background and Development, FNS 63 – Food and Nutrition Service –
1.42: U.S. Department of Agriculture, 1971
1.43: Turkey Standards – National Turkey Federation
1.44: Type A Topics – September 1973
1.45: Type A Topics – February 1970
1.46: Type A Topics – May 1970
1.47: Type A Topics – September 1976
1.48: Type A Topics – October 1976
1.49: Type A Topics – February 1977
1.50: Official Grade Standards and Inspection for fresh fruits and vegetables, USDA – Agricultural Marketing Service, December 1963
1.51: How to Buy Food: A Series of Booklets on Selection Quality and use of food from the USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service
1.52: USDA’s Acceptance Service for Meat and meat Products, 1974 (9 copies)
1.53: Meat and Poultry – USDA Home and Garden Bulletin No. 170, published October, 1969 (2 copies)
1.54: Brown Rice, published by Rice Council of America, 1973
1.55: USDA Egg Products Inspection: A Safeguard for Quantity Buyers, issued April, 1968
1.56: How to Use USDA Grades in Buying Food, printed 1967
1.57: USDA’s Acceptance Service for Meat and Meat Products, published 1970
1.58: Inspection for Your Protection, USDA, May 1968
1.59: Meat & Poultry: Clean for You, USDA Home and Garden Bulletin, No. 173, December 1969
1.60: Processed Fruit and Vegetable Inspection… at your service, USDA, Sept. 1962
1.61: Sureness is yours with inspected meat, USDA, August 1964
1.62: Meat & Poultry: Wholesome for You, USDA Home and Garden Bulletin, No. 170
1.63: Meat & Poultry: Care Tips for You, USDA Home and Garden Bulletin, No. 174, January 1970 (10 copies)
1.64: Meat & Poultry: Labeled for You, USDA Home and Garden Bulletin, No. 172, October 1969
1.65: Meat & Poultry Standards for You, USDA Home and Garden Bulletin, No. 171, October 1969
1.66: Services for You from USDA’s Consumer and Marketing Service, 1966
1.67: Meats with Approval through Federal Inspection
1.68: Meat & Poultry: Clean for You, USDA Home and Garden Bulletin, No. 173
1.69: Meat and Poultry Products, A Consumer Guide to Content and Labeling Requirement, USDA Home and Garden Bulletin, Number 236
1.70: How to Buy Fresh Fruits, USDA Home and Garden Bulletin, Number 141, Issued October 1967, Slightly Revised August 1977
1.71: How to Use USDA Grades in Buying Food, Home and Garden Bulletin, No. 196, Slightly Revised September 1971
1.72: Questions and Answers on Federal Milk Marketing Orders, USDA, Agricultural Marketing Service, AMS-559
1.73: Inspection and Grading Services for Processed Fruits and Vegetables, Marketing Bulletin, No. 56, Agricultural Marketing Service, USDA, January 1975
1.74: How to Buy Canned and Frozen Fruits, USDA, 1971
1.75: How to Buy Canned and Frozen Vegetables, USDA, slight revised November 1977
1.76: USDA Grade Standards for Food and Farm Products, USDA Food Safety and Quality Service, Agricultural Handbook No. 533, May 1978
1.77: USDA’s Acceptance Service for Poultry and Eggs, Marketing Bulletin No. 46, slightly revised August 1971
1.78: Facts for Consumers Food Additives, FDA Pub. No. 10, revised August 1964
1.79: What Consumers Should Know About Food Standards, Food and Drug Administration Publication No. 8, revised 1963
1.80: Instant Whip Topping
1.81: How to Prepare , Store and Protect Frozen Foods, Nekoosa-Edwards Paper Company
1.82: USDA Egg Products Inspection A Safeguard for Quantity Burgers, Consumer and Marketing Service, issued April 1968
1.83: Butcher Knives, A Manual Published by Koch Supplies, Inc. for the Benefit of the Meat Industry, copyright 1953
1.84: Fresh from Texas: Vegetables and fruits grown under the lone star, Texas Department of Agriculture
1.85: How to Buy Fresh Fruits, USDA Home and Garden Bulletin No. 141, Issued October 1967
1.86: How to Buy Canned and Frozen Vegetables, USDA Home and Garden Bulletin No. 167, April 1969
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