About the Culinary Institute of Child Nutrition Advisory Board

The Culinary Institute of Child Nutrition Advisory Board meets once per year for a two-day meeting to guide the CICN initiative activities and provide expert insight on the CICN training curriculum and resource development. The CICN Advisory Board comprises the ICN chef and representatives from culinary associations, State agencies, Allied Organizations, culinary schools, and school food authorities with experience conducting culinary training and initiatives in school nutrition programs.

Advisory Board Members

Ann Hamner, Georgia Dept. of Education

Bertrand Weber, Minneapolis Public Schools

Cathy Powers, Culinary Nutrition Associates

Cheryl Cochran, Hardin County Schools

Cindy Johnson, Kansas State Dept. of Ed

Cyndie Story, Culinary Solution Centers, LLC

Garrett Berdan, Spokane Public Schools

Justin Ward, The Culinary Institute of America

Karen McGrail, John C. Stalker Institute

Kevin Frank, Detroit Public Schools

Matthew Poling, Greeley-Evans District 6

Michael McGreal, Joliet Junior College

Patrick Durgan, Bellingham Public Schools #501

Robert Cuellar, Laredo Independent School District

Robert Rhymes, Kaskaskia College

Samantha Cowens-Gasbarro, SNS
Executive Chef Healthy School Recipe, School Nutrition Consultant/Trainer

Sharon Schaefer, Gretna Public School