The Child Nutrition Sharing Site (CNSS) is an online information center providing Child Nutrition Programs (CNPs) with a means for sharing effective resources related to program operation. CNSS aids in the collection and sharing of state and local resources by providing a centralized place to store, organize, manage, and share knowledge and tools with your peers. This collaboration between the Institute of Child Nutrition (ICN) and United States Department of Agriculture, Food and Nutrition Service (USDA/FNS) gives child nutrition professionals access to resources that support current Federal regulations, policies, and guidance.


  • Provide access to resources and training materials for Child Nutrition personnel in a timely manner
  • Evaluate nutrient analysis software developed by private software companies for State Agencies to use for Administrative Reviews
  • Aid in the collection and sharing of State resources
    Facilitate dissemination of pertinent information

The CNSS is being rolled out in multiple phases,

Phase One – Now Available!
Phase one of the CNSS gives child nutrition professionals access to resources and trainings that were housed on the now discontinued Healthy Meals Resource System. All of the current resources are now accessible on this site.

Phase Two – Share your Resources!
Phase two of the CNSS will allow State agencies, allied organizations, and industry partners to submit their free child nutrition program resources and training materials for inclusion on the CNSS using an online form. ICN will review submitted resources to ensure quality and appropriateness of all resources housed in the CNSS. Phase two will roll out in the Fall of 2019. Stay tuned for more information!

Training and Technical Assistance Component

The Child Nutrition Sharing Site, as USDA’s Training and Technical Assistance Component, assists state and local school food service and child care programs in meeting the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. By using this Resource System, child care providers and school nutrition personnel can easily locate appropriate and useful training materials.