Child Nutrition Program Resource Submission Form

If you would like to share your Child Nutrition Program (CNP) trainings and resources with other CNP operators through the Child Nutrition Sharing Site (CNSS), please submit your training and resource materials to ICN using the form below. ICN accepts CNP resource guides and handouts, training manuals and slides, and links to training webinars, videos, and audio recordings. Once your training or resource is submitted, you will receive an email confirmation that the Institute of Child Nutrition (ICN) has received your training/resource files and that it will be added to ICN’s internal review process queue. ICN will review your submitted files to ensure they are relevant and appropriate for CNPs.
Once the resource(s) has been reviewed by ICN, you will receive an email notification on whether the resource(s) has been approved for posting to the CNSS.

  • If the resource is approved, it will automatically be posted to the CNSS and categorized accordingly. A direct URL to the resource will be sent to the email address you provided.
  • If the resource is not approved, ICN will email you with an explanation as to why it was denied, along with suggestions for revisions so that the resource qualifies for posting on the CNSS.

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