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Parent Workshop: My School Wellness Policy

Resource Topic Category:Local School Wellness

Child Nutrition Program:
  • NSLP – National School Lunch Program


Maryland State Department of Education




Engaging families in student health and wellness is essential for encouraging healthy behaviors at home and at school. Students with families who are actively engaged with their school are more likely to have better attendance, healthy behaviors, and higher academic achievement. This Parent Workshop is one of three in a series released in 2019. The other two sessions focus on Nutrition and Physical Activity.
Overview: This workshop will provide information about your school system Local Wellness Policy (LWP) and how you, as a family/community member, can get involved in wellness initiatives at your school.
1. Explain the purpose and components of a wellness policy
2. Describe how the wellness policy is being implemented at your school system and school.
3. List ways parents and families can support wellness policy implementation at schools.

Contact Info:

Sara Booker
(443) 202-0876