Elementary Nutrition Education Lesson Plans

Resource Topic Category:Nutrition Education

Child Nutrition Program:
  • NSLP – National School Lunch Program

Team Nutrition Training Grant: 2017


Virginia Department of Education




Kindergarten Lesson Plan: Kitchen Careers - This resource includes a kindergarten lesson plan for providing students with a basic knowledge of the responsibilities of a school chef and the layout of a large-scale foodservice kitchen to support their learning of the role of jobs and economics.

First Grade Fun with Nutrition Lesson Plan - This resource includes a first grade lesson plan for making Graham Banana Bites and creating a How-To Book.

Second Grade Lesson Plan: Corn Husking Contest - This resource includes a second grade lesson plan that supports learning about plants through a corn husking contest.

Third Grade Lesson Plan: Fraction Fruitapalooza - This resource includes a third grade lesson plan that supports learning about fractions with fruits.

Fourth Grade Lesson Plan: 4th Grade Farm Festival - Virginia Apples - This resource includes a fourth grade lesson plan that supports learning about government, geography, and economics by describing major products and industries of Virginia's five geographic regions.

Fifth Grade Lesson Plan: Caught You being Healthy - This resource includes a fifth grade lesson plan that demonstrates responsibility for developing personal health habits and practicing behaviors that promote and active, healthy lifestyle.

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