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Recetas para el CACFP en español: 6 porciones
Recipes For Child and Adult Care Food Program
Recetas para el CACFP en español: 25-50 porciones

Welcome to the Child Nutrition Recipe Box

The Child Nutrition Recipe Box provides Child Nutrition program operators with recipes to prepare healthy and delicious meals that meet meal pattern requirements. These recipes are standardized to provide meal pattern crediting information for all meal pattern components and include recipes made with legumes, whole grains, and vegetables from the vegetable subgroups including dark green, red, and/or orange vegetables. Browse recipes for the Child and Adult Care Food Programs (CACFP) and for school nutrition programs.

New Website Features and Tools Coming in 2020

The Child Nutrition Recipe Box will provide tools and resources to help program operators navigate and implement standardized recipes. These resources will include:

  • Search tools to find recipes using a variety of search filters, such as USDA Program, Cooking Equipment, Recipe Categories, and Cuisine, to help users identify recipes of interest to them;
  • “Build My Cookbook” where users can save their favorite recipes to make a customized cookbook;
  • Shopping list feature where users can create a list of groceries from the selected recipes’ ingredients; and
  • Consumer-friendly features such as star ratings, recipe reviews, and options to share content on social media.