About USDA Recipes

Child Nutrition Recipe Box(CNRB) provides Child Nutrition Program operators with recipes:

to prepare healthy and delicious meals that meet meal pattern requirements.

that are standardized to provide meal pattern crediting information for meal pattern components.

made with legumes, whole grains, and vegetables from the vegetable subgroups including dark green, red, and orange vegetables.

The site offers household and large quantity recipes for program participants. Moreover, its features are designed to encourage key behaviors emphasized in the current Dietary Guidelines for Americans including the following:

  • Detailed nutrition information to help consumers identify recipes that meet personal nutrition needs

  • Recipe ratings. Allows users to rate their favorite recipes.

  • Recipe Collections to allow users to save and organize their favorite recipes

  • Options to share content on social media

Nutritious recipes and menu planning serve as the building blocks for healthy meals and overall diet. Meal patterns that meet the Dietary Guidelines for Americans are achieved by considering the total food intake that includes a variety of healthy foods, over a period of time. While individual recipes may not meet all of the recommendations of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, collectively they can contribute toward meeting the recommendations and improving lifelong eating habits.

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