Are You Interested In Training or Developing Materials for ICN?

The mission of the Institute of Child Nutrition (ICN) is to provide information and services that promote the continuous improvement of child nutrition programs. Every day the Institute strives to achieve its vision to be the leader in providing education, research, and resources to promote excellence in federally funded child nutrition programs.

One way ICN fulfills its mission and vision is to partner with experts in the field of child nutrition to deliver training and develop new resources.

If you have expertise in the successful operation of federally funded child nutrition programs – in the school or child care setting – ICN is looking for you!

Preferred Trainers

To deliver training programs to child nutrition professionals across the country, ICN selects trainers based on their experience, education, and expertise.

The Institute provides support for its trainers and ensures they have the necessary tools to conduct workshops and seminars for ICN. Preferred trainers are paid as shown in the schedule below. Travel expenses, such as airfare, are reimbursed according to ICN’s travel guidelines.

Consultant Trainer Fee Payment Schedule
Length of Training Fee
One-half day (4 or 5 hours) $1,000
One full day (6 or more hours) $1,600
Two Days $2,600
Three Days $3,600
Four+ days $4,600



Like trainers, consultants are chosen to develop education and training materials based on their experience, education, and expertise. To develop resources for ICN, consultants may be asked to submit a proposal in response to a specific request outlining the details of a project.

There is no standard rate of compensation for resource development. Compensation is negotiated on a project by project basis, and contracts are issued for each individual project.


Become a Preferred Trainer or Developer

The University of Mississippi requires individuals and companies interested in serving as trainers or developers for ICN to respond to a Request for Proposal (RFP). We will continue accepting responses for RFP #607 until December 31, 2018.


If you are interested in becoming a trainer or developer for ICN, complete RFP #607 and send your response to:

Ms. Rachel Bost, Director, Office of Procurement Services
The University of Mississippi
1 Jeanette Phillips Drive
P.O. Box 1848
University, MS 38677
Apply Now

Responses should be marked RFP #607 ICN on the outside of the envelope. Please do not submit the RFP directly to ICN. Notification of receipt will be sent to you when ICN receives your response.


Questions? Contact Kathy McCombs, Contracts and Grants Specialist, at or call 1-800-321-3054.