Adult Day Stay Fact Sheets and Supplemental Resources

Facts Sheets and Supplemental Resources for CACFP Adult Day Stay which include:

  1. Nutritional Needs of Adult Day Stay Participants consisting of a nutrition assessment, determining the warning signs of poor nutrition, providing variety in proteins and healthy fats, limiting high sugar foods, focusing on fiber, meeting vitamin and mineral requirements, limiting sodium intake, and providing adequate fluids
  2. Food Safety Basics for Adult Day Stay Programs consisting of known common causes of foodborne illness, starting with safe food,storing foods properly, remembering time and temperature danger zones, preventing cross-contamination, and keeping hot foods hot and cold foods cold
  3. Mealtimes and Feeding Techniques for Adult Day Stay Participants consisting of creating a pleasant dining atmosphere, maintain proper positioning, providing special foods and eating aids, knowing verbal cues, knowing physical cues, and using a team approach to identify and solve mealtime problems
  4. CACFP Meal Pattern for Adults at Adult Day Stay Programs consisting of meals and snacks, types of meal service, offer versus serve, and special nutrition needs
  5. Food Storage Basics Checklist consisting of receiving, storage area, refrigerator and freezer,
  6. Make Mealtimes Pleasant consisting of tips to assist providers in providing a pleasant mealtime for participants,
  7. Keep Hot Foods Hot and Cold Foods Cold consisting of temperature danger zones
  8. Using a Thermometer consisting of steps in properly using a thermometer
  9. Go for Good Nutrition consisting of varying vegetables, focusing on fruits, emphasizing calcium, making half grains whole, and eating lean proteins
  10. Handwashing consisting of how to properly hand wash

Infographics include:

  1. Wash Hands Please: consisting of when and how to wash hands
  2. Prevent Cross-Contamination: with strategies for prevention of cross-contamination

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