Mock Health Inspection

Mock Health Inspection (4-hour training) This is an interactive, activity-based training utilizing the concept of a mock health inspection. Participants will be able to explain why health inspections are conducted at least twice a year in schools and the role of periodic inspections and self-inspections to enhance the effectiveness of food safety management programs. Participants will be able to identify risk-based food safety practices and conduct a risk-based inspection.

TARGET AUDIENCE – Directors and Managers
KEY AREA: 2: Operations

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Mock Health Inspection

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Instructor's Manual October 24, 2017 Download
Participant's Workbook October 24, 2017 Download
Activities October 24, 2017 Download
Food Establishment Inspection Report October 24, 2017 Download
Presentation October 24, 2017 Download
Pre:Post Assessments October 24, 2017 Download
Pre-Post Assessment Answers October 24, 2017 Download
Mock Health Inspection Videos April 12, 2018 Download

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