1991 NFSMI Promo 12-9-1991 Building the Future Through Child Nutrition
The first promo video for the Institute featured an introduction to the federally assisted child nutrition programs and to the need for a national training institute serving those program professionals. It introduces the General Advisory Board and the RETAB advisory board. It concluded with Dr. Josephine Martin describing the benefits of working with the Institute, or putting the Institute to work for you. “How can we serve you?”
1993 ASFSA Presentation Video July 1993
“The institute is a vision turned into reality,” spoken by Dr. Josephine Martin. She introduced the satellite seminar network. “Of the four satellite seminars that we have presented, 80,000 people have seen these seminars.” She described the current BLT module. The video concludes with the adorable song, “we want to thank you” sung by a group of cute little children. This song comes from one of the satellite seminars.
1995 ASFSA-ANC Presentation Video Master
How can the institute help me? Describes NETPRO program, Barely Bear, Clearinghouse and Help Desk, and satellite seminars (National Nutrition Network) as well as other resources.
1996 ANC Presentation Dr.Josephine Martin Master Focusing on the Future
Dr. Martin narrates presentation. “While we don’t really know what the future holds, we do know that the future holds change. We know that there is going to be a shortage of resources; and we know that we must work together in order to use resources effectively.” Culinary Techniques for Healthy School Meals, funded by a Team Nutrition Grant and collaboration between 9 states. Training through technology: satellite seminars, promo for future online training. Promoted Your Healthy Food Line (the original help desk designed to help people answer program questions). Healthy Cuisine for Kids workshops.
1998 ASFSA NFSMI Breaking New Ground Video 7-98
Dr. Jane Logan describes the plans for the new building as well as new programs such as the survey guide and Foodservice Equipment with The New Design Handbook. Promotes information services offered by the institute. Features the building model. Also features the two children walking out of the building and morphing into the old NFSMI logo.
1999 ASFSA-ANC Presentation Video ‘Celebrating Success’ Edited Master 2nd Edition 1999
“Change.” “Celebrating a decade of growth.” Opens with a good, quick introduction to the Institute’s early beginnings with highlights of staff. Shows clips of the building under construction. Introduces OSNM. Highlights the General Advisory Board and the RETAB.
2000 ASFSA-ANC Presentation ‘Celebrating the Future’ Master
Dr. Jane Logan standing in the training lab of the new building narrates the promo. Highlights the website, sales office, and other resources. Cooking with Flair. OSNM. “Together we will help build the future through child nutrition and for child nutrition.”

2001 ASFSA-ANC Presentation ‘The Future is Now’

Opening of the new building, “the future is now.” Dr. Jane Logan narrates. Shows the new building in use. OSNM. First Choice procurement seminar. Designing and Equipping On-Site School Kitchens using the Foodservice Equipment manual and the New Design Handbook. The set of 14 full color food safety mini-posters in English and Spanish, with a peek at the child care versions on the way for the summer. Resource Guide and website. “Together we will help build the future through child nutrition and for child nutrition.”

2002 This is NFSMI Master Revised 8-2-02


Opens with a series of questions, such as where can we find resources? Then goes into a description of NFSMI with an overview of the new state-of-the-art building. Introduces the idea of a “virtual” institute highlighting the ways to connect with the institute including through the world wide web. Financial Management. Building Human Resource Management Skills. Culinary Techniques: Cooking with Flair. “NFSMI is your resource for child nutrition information and education to enhance your professional skills in food service. Together we can build the future through child nutrition and for child nutrition.”

2003 NFSMI Promo for ASFSA – Appreciating the Past, Understanding the Present, Envisioning the Future


“Appreciating the Past, Understanding the Present, Envisioning the Future of Child Nutrition. At NFSMI, we are doing all three.” “NFSMI exists to help CNP adapt to change and prepare for the future.” Uses much of the same video footage as the last year’s video. Food safety segment. Responding to a Food Recall. Measuring Success with Standardized Recipes. Program management. Choice Plus. Production System Management. A Guide to Centralized Foodservice Systems. From the Trainer’s Tablet for CACFP. Emergency Preparedness. Nutrition Education. Nutrition Travelling Trunk (Melba Hollingsworth). Research. ARD reports. The Child Nutrition Archives (clips from the Child Nutrition Archives planning meeting recording above), featuring the Thelma Flanagan papers. Dr. Beth King presented as Archives contact person.