October 2023 – Staff and Workplace Wellness

In a month known for monsters and candy, the best trick is treating your employees to better health and wellness. Employee wellness opportunities can help staff feel better, live healthier, and be more present for the children in your program. Healthy adults model healthy living for children.

We traditionally think about eating healthier [Read More]

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September 2023 – Tools for Determining Amounts of Food to Purchase

Do you ever wish you could snap your fingers and the next week’s shopping list would appear? The Food Buying Guide for Child Nutrition Programs offers tools to help you do that with a mouse click or tap of the finger.

This Mealtime Memo describes the three versions of the Food Buying Guide that [Read More]

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August 2023 – Keeping Food Safe in Summer Heat

Staying cool may be challenging during summer, especially when buying and transporting groceries. Keeping foods in safe temperatures also requires more attention in the summer. This Mealtime Memo provides tips for keeping purchased foods safe between the store and your kitchen, whether in a center or home. The information applies to both delivery services [Read More]

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July 2023 – Creating Variety and Flavor With Seasonal Produce

Have you ever eaten a fresh apple or a peach right off a tree? If so, you know seasonal produce is fresh and tastes delicious, making children more likely to eat it. In addition to great taste, buying seasonal products also helps sustain the local economy.

Seasonal fruits and vegetables may vary depending [Read More]

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June 2023 – Supporting Healthy Iron Intake

In the United States, about 7% of children ages 1–5 have iron deficiency anemia—and this number is even higher for children ages 1–2. Iron deficiency anemia occurs when there is not enough iron in the body to produce healthy red blood cells to carry oxygen throughout the body. Our bodies only need a small [Read More]

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May 2023 – Standardized Recipes

How often do you hear, “This looks different than last time!” or “This doesn’t taste the same as it usually does!”? Using standardized recipes can help to ensure your recipe turns out the same way each time you make it. It is a good practice to use a standardized recipe when a menu item [Read More]

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April 2023 – Nutrition Facts Labels and the CACFP

The Nutrition Facts label on food packages provides helpful information. For example, it features key information for crediting tofu and determining if a yogurt or cereal meets the sugar limit requirements in the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP). It is a great tool to use when planning menus to determine creditable foods.

A [Read More]

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March 2023 – National Nutrition Month®

Ways to Celebrate National Nutrition Month®

Depending on where you live, March may bring the end of gray, wintery weather. Chase away the gloom and foster excitement by celebrating National Nutrition Month®! It is a timely way to renew interest in the fresh foods that will soon be in local markets.

Celebrated annually [Read More]

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February 2023 – Child Nutrition (CN) Labels

Are you confused by child nutrition (CN) labels? Do you know when you need to get one? Which foods may have a CN label, or how to use them? You are not alone. CN labels can be intimidating but also highly useful. This Mealtime Memo will guide you through the basics of the CN [Read More]

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January 2023 – Menu Planning

What is a key ingredient to serving nutritious, appealing, and cost-effective meals? Menus!

Menu planning is the backbone to successfully managing meals. Menus affect all aspects of meal service, from purchasing to preparing to serving. Without menus, staff will have to spend time each day figuring out what foods to prepare and serve to the children [Read More]

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