December 2022 – Safe Feeding Practices to Prevent Choking

Children choking at mealtimes can happen quickly and can be very scary. In fact, children between birth and four years of age are at the greatest risk of choking while eating, in part, because they may not chew food properly. Young children also have a small windpipe (or airway) about as wide as a drinking [Read More]

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November 2022 – Vegetarian Meals

Have parents ever asked you to serve a vegetarian diet to their child? Have you ever wondered if it is healthy for a child to be a vegetarian? Or how to prepare meals to meet their needs? The good news is that a well-planned vegetarian menu can be healthy, delicious, and fit into the Child [Read More]

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October 2022 – Healthy Celebrations

Parties can be a fun way to celebrate special occasions and holidays! They usually involve decorations, games, and music! They also commonly include cake, ice cream, cookies, and candy. While traditional party foods are okay to serve occasionally, they do not have to be the focus. Birthdays, holidays, and other special events are great [Read More]

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September 2022 – Food Allergies and Intolerances

Food allergies are increasing at alarming rates. In fact, one in every 13 children has a food allergy—which is about two per U.S. classroom! If you have children in your program with food allergies or intolerances, you know how important it is to prepare and serve safe meals. Having a plan and being prepared will help make sure children feel included and can safely join in meals. Knowing common allergens, reading food labels, and avoiding cross-contact will help prevent an allergic reaction and keep children safe.

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August 2022 Mealtime Memo: Choosy Eaters

Three-year-old Jade only eats white foods: bread, rice, and bananas. Does this sound familiar? If you work in child care, you likely know a child who is cautious, hesitant, or selective in the foods they eat. You are not alone. “Choosy” eating is common for many children as they move from infants to toddlers. Their growth rate slows down, and they become more independent. Rest assured, it is most likely temporary, and there are strategies to help get past this stage without mealtime battles.

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July 2022 Mealtime Memo: Family Engagement

Family engagement is a major part of quality child care. It offers opportunities for child care professionals to connect with families and share tools and resources to help improve and model healthy behaviors. There are two key ways to promote family engagement:

  • Provide credible resources and information that will help families better understand concepts of nutrition, food preparation, and healthy mealtimes.
  • Empower families to be positive role models for healthy behaviors.
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June 2022 Mealtime Memo: Farm to Early Care and Education (ECE)

Have you ever wanted to plant a garden at your child care program but didn’t know where to start? Or do you have a green thumb but want to engage children in learning more about food, nutrition, and the growing process? This Mealtime Memo provides ideas to get you started.

You may have heard of Farm to Preschool, Farm to Early Childhood, Farm to Early Childcare, or Farm to Early Care and Education (ECE). These terms all refer to the National Farm to School movement. The goal of the National Farm to School movement is to provide fresh, local foods to young children in child care settings. In this Mealtime Memo, we will use the term Farm to Early Care and Education or Farm to ECE.

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May 2022 Mealtime Memo: Nutrition Education for Young Children

Children establish food preferences and eating habits early in life. They depend on the adults in their lives to provide nutrition education and experiences to help make healthy food choices. Nutrition education for young children in child care settings has many benefits. It helps:

  • Develop positive attitudes about foods.
  • Create awareness about the importance of making healthy food choices.
  • Offer experiences with healthy foods. Children will be more likely to try new foods and eat them again in the future.
  • Allow children to see adults as role models for healthy behaviors.
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April 2022 Mealtime Memo: Time-Saving Meal Preparation Ideas

APRIL 2022

Time-Saving Meal Preparation Ideas

Delicious, homemade meals can fit into your busy child care day with some planning and the right tools. There are numerous meal preparation and cooking tips and tricks, and finding what works for your program will help speed up the process. To help [Read More]

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March 2022 Mealtime Memo: National Nutrition Month®: Celebrate a World of Flavors

MARCH 2022

National Nutrition Month®: Celebrate a World of Flavors

March is National Nutrition Month®, and the theme is “Celebrate a World of Flavors.” Together this means March is the perfect month to be adventurous and start exploring different cuisines to help children [Read More]

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